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vertimax trainingWe have the premiere ALL-SPORT training program available for use at the SportsZone. The VertiMax is the core device for speed, agility, and first step quickness at the nation’s best sports performance centers. Many NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL teams, as well as the nation’s top college teams, have chosen the VertiMax system for it’s ability to do free-form, sports-specific training.  Incorporate the VertiMax advantage in your training program and increase speed, vertical, agility and first step quickness to gain an edge over your opponents. Contact us today to learn more about off-season conditioning and sport-specific training for a variety of different sports.



VertiMaxAll Sport Training is a technologically advanced training program utilizing the VertiMax V8 Plus and applying the Vertical, Power&Speed Training Program. This program is designed to develop the athlete’s explosive power, and first step quickness, which translates into enhanced athletic performance. The program is designed to maximize explosive power in order to improve vertical jump, first step quickness and overall athleticism.
How - The VertiMax System allows explosive training under load with 100% effort utilizing sports specific motions on three axis. This system provides an improved training response that is most applicable to competition. It addresses “loading neglect” by simultaneously loading the drive & swing phase during linear acceleration, arm and leg while jumping, and the loading of the adductor /abductor during lateral movement. The system avoids unbalanced loading.
products-vertimaxWe guarantee* a minimum 3 inch increase in the athletes’ vertical jump upon completion of the VertiMax Vertical, Power and Speed Training Program. The vast majority of athletes have achieved significantly greater increases. The Vertical, Power&Speed program will consist of Vertical jump training with arm loading, on platform hip flexor training, off platform linear and lateral speed training. This program will positively impact 40 yard dash times
Once trained, the athlete will invest approximately 45 to 55 minutes per workout. Initial training consists of two to three instructional sessions lasting approximately 75 minutes each.
VertiMax graduates of the Vertical, Power&Speed Program are eligible to repeat a 2nd eight (8) week program for an additional fee of $125.00, provided subsequent sessions begin within 90 days of completion of prior session.
* Guarantee is valid provided the athlete attends 22 of 24 sessions in the eight (8) week program.
Pricing- Vertical, Power&Speed Training - $250.00 for 24 Sessions (3 times/week for 8 weeks)
For further information, please call Coach Dennis Reed at 603-235-5341 or e-mail at



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