SportsZone Indoor Sports Complex

Committed to you and your family’s fun, exercise, and recreation.



Play your favorite sport at the SportsZone, a fully air-conditioned, 95,000 square foot complex in Derry, NH. One of the finest indoor sports facilities in the Northeast committed to you and your family’s fun, exercise, and recreation.

The SportsZone offers three hardwood floating courts used exclusively for basketball, volleyball, and Futsal. Plus three SportCourt cushioned multi-sport courts for basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and trade shows. Two indoor turf fields; one 185′ x 85′ and 170′ x 80′ granular rubber infill field: both used for soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, wiffleball, softball, ultimate disc, flag football, bocce, kickball, dog shows, and trade shows.

We offer Vertimax Jump Training, private basketball and soccer lessons, classes, camps, clinics, leagues, tournaments, parties, and overnight lock-ins. Facilities include: a 40′ climbing wall, pitching and batting cages for baseball and softball, concessions, and a virtual sports simulator. All provided in a family friendly atmosphere close to restaurants and hotels. The SportsZone has a full range of fun activities and multiple sports available for school, church, and business groups. Our facility will be available for most of your special event needs. Enjoy entertainment nights and trade shows at the SportsZone.




Turf Field Rental$175 Per Hour
Basketball Court Rental$75 Per Hour
Batting and Softball Cages$35 Per Hour $20 Per Half Hour
Virtual Sports Simulator$15 For 15 Minutes $25 For 30 Minutes $35 For 45 Minutes $45 For 60 Minutes

Call us at 603-537-9663 for Off Season Pricing


Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Customers will be responsible for a 30% deposit of the total balance at the time of booking a reservation for any resource or event. Full payment of all rentals are due before the start of the first reservation. The SportsZone requires 72 hours cancellation notice before the start of a reservation. Customers are responsible for full payment of their reservation within the 72 hours. If a customer cancels outside the 72 hours, then any payments, greater than the deposit, will be refunded in full. 
  • Team payments and individual house team payments require a $100 deposit to confirm registration. Full payment is due by the second week for 8 week leagues and by the 4th week for 10 and 12 week leagues. A $50 late fee will be added for any team that continues to hold a balance after the payment due date. Team and individual house team player refunds will only be given out for any cancellations made 72 hours after registrations close. Cancellations made within 72 hours after the first week’s games, for both teams and players, will result in a pro rated credit for the remaining games to each player that has made a payment. No refunds or credits will be applied after the first 72 hours after the first game.
  • The SportsZone does not close for inclement weather. If the facility is closed for any reason, a credit will be applied for a future reservation. A full refund will be processed if no date can be filled.

Other Policies and Procedure


Food and Drinks Policy


No food or drinks are allowed within the SportsZone. Our concession stand provides water, sports drinks and coffee for drinks and pizza to ice cream to satisfy your hunger!

League Payment Policy


  • At the time of registration, the team captain is required to make a $100 deposit by the registration deadline. No team will be registered without a deposit. 

  • Half of the team balances are due by the 2nd week and full team balances are due by the 4th week of games. A $50 late fee will be imposed if team balances remain open past the 4th week.

  • Team’s have up until the first week to choose to exit a league. The deposit is non refundable. Any payment beyond the deposit amount will be refunded. Team’s choosing to exit a league beyond the first week will not be refunded any portion of their team payment.

  • Teams or players removed from the league for policy infractions will not be refunded any portion of their payment. Teams or players will be removed at the discretion of the SportsZone. 

  • Captains are responsible for collecting payments from all players and procuring the full balance

  • In order to prevent late fees, the SportsZone encourages all team captains to roster only the players that provide payment upfront. This will help remove the burden of any unpaid player balances within the team from the captain.

A $25 fee will be imposed in the event of a returned check. The SportsZone does not accept post dated checks and will not be held responsible for cashing them before the recorded date. 

Customer Walk In Policy

Individuals using the facility on their own or for pick up games may pay $10 to use the facility. Daily walk in times are subject to change and only available when space is provided. Please contact us at 603-537-9663 to check on hours of availability.

Clients of trainers or of any organization must pay a walk in fee if the trainer or organization is not renting the field at the hourly rate. Clients are welcome to purchase a membership for use outside of the training session. 

Program Payments and Refunds


  • All payments made to The SportsZone for any camp, clinic, or youth sports program are non-refundable beyond the first day for camps and clinics or beyond the first week for youth training programs.

  • Prorating will be allowed for eligible youth training programs. Please contact SportsZone offices for eligible programs.

  • Full refunds will be given in the event of insufficient participants.

  •  If any injury occurs outside of The Sportszone and prohibits a participant from continuing in the program, a doctor’s note must be provided and a credit will be applied to the customer’s account. No payment refund will be issued.


Game Rules and Procedures


  • Requests consist of game times and bye weeks. Requests do not transfer over from session to session. Teams must enter requests at beginning of session and no later than week 1 to be considered in the scheduling process. The SportsZone will consider but NOT guarantee all requests.

  • Coed Team Definition

    1) All girl’s teams must have a minimum of three rostered boys.

    2) All boy’s teams must have a minimum of three rostered girls.

    3) On both fields, the majority boys or girls teams must have at least two of the of the opposite sex on the field at all times.

    4) Teams with less than two of the opposite sex must play a man down for each missing player. (This rule is void if both teams agree to play in any other format)

    5) For safety concerns, coed teams are not permitted to play in any competitive leagues.

    6) Divisions may be assigned for differing competition levels. 

  • Competitive Definition

    The SportsZone defines any team competitive by the following standards:

    1) Competitive teams consist of either all girls or all boys.

    2) For safety concerns, competitive teams are not permitted to play in any coed leagues.

    3) Divisions may be assigned for differing competition levels.